Quality control throughout the whole supply chain:stating with close inspection of the incoming materials all the way to the final inspection and testing of the finalized product.

Systematic documentation enables the availability of spare parts also for older products, and direct replacement of product without additional testing. A 30-year-old valve, that has been underground and sent back to us for basic maintenance tells a lot about the quality and longevity of our products. The components used in the products are always made of the required materials and are always interchangeable with strict and precise tolerances.

Unrivalled quality control  100% reliable product and service for the product’s entire lifetime.

No factor-specific variation, All products are always built undergoing the same process. We control most of the manufacturing process and testing in our own premises in Salo. Machining, piling and testing are done in our own facilities.

Audited and certified production process  Our production process has been audited and certified in accordance with ISO9001 and PED standards. All products are always been tested and documented according to standards. The serial number of the product is the pressure test ID.

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